Lighting the future of Horticulture

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. operates micro farms.  


Our mandate is to promote food security and sustainability by bringing fresh produce to unconventional climates and underserved communities.


Because we design and manufacture our own highly automated indoor grow equipment we can offer consumers fresh and locally-grown produce at the same price as imported food.

Products & Services

LED Grow 

QuantoTech offers a range of LED lights suitable for vertically staged, enclosed, or traditional growing.

LED Grow Systems

A vertically staged grow system that can be multiplied to fit any location big or small.

Custom LED Integration

Integrate LED systems into your existing facility.

Custom LED Design

Customize an LED grow light to your specific needs and facility.


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Lead Grower

Plant Monitoring

Monitor plant health and make appropriate adjustments remotely using QuantoTech's monitoring and control system.


Ready for the future?

QuantoTech's smart LED lights, vertical grow systems, and plant monitoring systems will bring your facility to the next generation of horticulture.