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QuantoTech Grow Systems

Lighting the future of Horticulture

QuantoTech’s grow system is a vertically staged, year-round produce farm in a compact and highly versatile form.

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  • Proprietary high-intensity LED lights with multiple spectrum channels (red, blue, UV and white) mimic sunlight while reducing electrical costs

  • Ability to control the spectrum allows us to change the morphology, flavour, and phytonutrient content of crops

  • The system is layered with the integrated hydroponic system resting on top of the LED lights providing climate control and helping disperse waste heat generated by the high-powered LED lights

  • A control panel allows the grower to control all aspects of the grow system at the click of a button, ensuring a seamless grow cycle using built-in, proprietary grow recipes with step-by-step instructions and prompts

  • Remote monitoring allows for the observation of multiple farm locations, minimizes labour costs and alerts for irregularities to prevent crop failures

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High output vertical farms are essential for increasing food security to remote and challenging locations. Not only do they provide consistent produce year-round, but they provide high quality and highly nutritious produce that can be otherwise hard, or too expensive, to obtain in these regions.


QuantoTech’s high performance vertical farm system reduces dependency on imports from Mexico and California.


High Output: QuantoTech’s grow systems are able to produce up to two harvests of baby lettuce per month (depending on variety). Every 1.5’ x 4’ shelf can harvest 60 plants per month.

Adaptability: The system can support a large variety of specialty and high-value crops.


Easy to Use: A growing list of proprietary grow recipes is integrated into the QuantoTech control system. Each recipe includes step-by-step prompts to help the grower maximize the growth of the crop.


All in One: QuantoTech’s system has been designed in-house, from the light to the control system to the hydroponic system. This allows us to quickly adapt and integrate improvements that increase performance and reduce costs.


Way of the Future: Vertical farming allows for cultivation year-round, regardless of the climate or location. The versatile system can be scaled to fit any location, be it an existing space or bare land.

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