LED Grow Lights

Q800-Series LED Grow Lights and Hydroponic Systems

Q800 High Intensity Grow Light
Q800 Custom Spectrum Grow Light
Hydroponic Integrated Grow Light Shelf

The Q800 grow series is suitable for a wide range of horticultural lighting applications. This is a multi-channel system predominantly used as the primary light source for the growth of anything ranging from microgreens to fruiting and flowering plants that require light levels in the 600 – 1000 μmoles/m2/s range.

The Q800 allows the spectral content to be adjusted throughout the growth cycle. It consists of a low-profile light panel and one power supply. The high uniformity of the Q800 offers a more consistent crop than bar and spotlight style lights. The system may be used to maximize vertical space in a grow room.

The Q800 comes with an easy to use preset manager program allowing a grower to customize the preset settings on the panel.


The Q800 System can be integrated into the QShelf hydroponic shelving system for a complete vertical grow solution. QuantoTech’s hydroponic shelving system takes full advantage of the volume inside of a greenhouse. The shelving unit has integrated LED lighting and water/nutrient distribution systems that can be controlled by existing control systems or QuantoTech's QController. QShelf is a cleantech solution to growing a variety of leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables while minimizing water, electrical, and thermal waste in the process.

  • Mechanical Construction: 1.5’x4′ aluminum LED panels

  • IP 65

  • Electrical Specifications: 110-227 VAC input voltage

  • Weight: 12 lbs

  • 5-year warranty

  • 50,000+ hour life

  • Optional Features:

    • Custom spectrum

    • Network control of light fixtures thorough a USB API that allows direct control of each channel

    • Plant monitoring

    • Increased power

Q800 Spec Sheet