LED Lighting
Grow Systems

Grow System


Our LED grow system consists of our Q800-series lights, the QShelf, a vertical hydroponic shelving solution, plant monitoring, and climate control. The grow system is best suited for remote growing, growing with limited space, and growers who want to simplify the growing process while maximizing usable space.


Our enclosed grow system helps reduce pest and disease outbreaks though closed system protocols. It also reduces thermal, electrical, and water waste by using novel fit-for-function integrated designs. The plant monitoring system allows growth with limited human interruption and interaction which reduces the likelihood of spreading pests and disease, and also allows for remote viewing and control.

LED Grow Lights


The grow system uses Q800 lights which can grow anything from microgreens to grow fruiting and flowering plants. The Q800 series form factor maximizes light uniformity across the plant canopy ensuring an extremely uniform crop from shelf to shelf. The passive cooling of the Q800 lights adds to life cycle longevity. Learn about our Q800-Series Flat Panel LED Grow Lights »


QuantoTech’s QShelf, developed for our third generation lighting system, is a cleantech solution for growing a variety of leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables while minimizing water, electrical, and thermal waste.


Efficient thermal management is integrated into the system, reducing the electrical costs used in similar traditional systems. The removal of redundant parts significantly reduces costs and material waste. The QShelf system is designed to be pressure washed and cleaned between harvests. The seamless integration between the QShelf and the Q800 allows easy expansion of the grow system as required.

Plant Monitoring

The addition of sensors and imaging hardware/software to the grow system creates an effective means of data collection and reduces the expert grower’s time investment. Remote monitoring reduces human intervention during the growth cycle, limits the potential for pest and disease outbreaks, and takes the guesswork out of growing. The system features automated alerts and if needed, access to horticulture experts who can review the data and and give appropriate feedback.

Climate Control

Includes industry-standard HVAC climate solutions and appropriate r-factor insulation for the climate.