The Q800 grow system is suitable for a wide range of horticultural lighting applications.
This is a multi-channel system predominantly used as the primary light source for the growth of fruiting and flowering plants that require light levels in the 600 – 1000 μmoles m-2s-1 range. The Q800 allows the spectral content to be adjusted throughout the growth cycle. Three Q800 panels can illuminate up to a 25 square foot grow surface. The uniformity of the flat panels offers a more consistent crop growth than bar and spotlight style lights. The system has been designed to maximize vertical space in a grow room allowing multilevel
growing. Three Q800 lights can replace and exceed traditional 1000 watt HID fixtures for a 25 square foot grow surface, while improving yield.


  • • 110-220VAC input voltage with a 10’ cord and 3-prong plug
    (optional hard-wiring).
    • Maximum power consumption of three panels covering a 25
    square foot grow surface: 800 watts (Power Factor 0.98, 7
    Amps @115VAC).