QuantoTech Q800 LED Lights Outperform 1000-Watt HPS and Lead LED Competitor in Cannabis Trial

QuantoTech Solutions has supplied a high-power LED lighting system to a local cannabis facility for a pilot comparing it to traditional 1000-watt HPS lights as well as a leading LED competitor. The QuantoTech lighting system outperformed the competition with the following results:

THC Production:

  • 1000-watt HPS sample contained 20.4 total THC

  • Q800 LED sample contained 23.4 total THC

  • Leading LED competitor sample contained 20.5 total THC


  • 1000-watt HPS averaged 91.3 grams per plant

  • Q800 LED averaged 137.3 grams per plant

  • Leading LED competitor averaged 137.2 grams per plant

“These lights have been developed to grow high quality cannabis to maturity through optimized spectrum and highly uniform illumination. These lights also offer an IP66 rating for pressure washing to help our customers comply with Health Canada’s new cleaning requirements. The thin form factor and novel design allow for efficient thermal regulation and multi-level growing. The Q800 maintains uniform lighting levels across the plant canopy even with only 10cm between the Q800 and the plants. This allows double the harvests using two level stacked growing within existing facilities. We’re excited by the flexibility of this system and ability to easily add on additional features in the future,” said Alycia van der Gracht, Founder.

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. is an engineering service company that supplies energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED lighting systems and grow solutions to commercial growers.


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