QuantoTech installs Cloud Based LED Plant Monitoring and Control Chamber for Plant Surveillance

QuantoTech Solutions has built a cloud-based, enclosed plant monitoring and control system. The system is being used for a research project that evaluates cost effective sensor and camera solutions that can accurately monitor individual plants. This project was made possible with funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

“Providing a cost effective means to id a specific plant will be beneficial to both large-scale commercial growers as a way to quantitatively observe specific plant growth and health, as well as, smaller facilities which may not have access to on-site expert knowledge. The software provided in the cloud based system allows for simple visualization of data providing plant growth trends,” said Alycia van der Gracht, Manager of Operations and Supply Chain.

QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. is an engineering service company that supplies energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED lighting systems to commercial growers.

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