QuantoTech Creates Energy-Saving LED Lighting Solutions

Thanks to the generous contributions from the Investment Agriculture Foundation, QuantoTech was able to further develop energy-saving LED lighting systems that illuminate the shadows cast by traditional horticultural lighting companies. QuantoTech was able to create lighting solutions that benefitted both northern growing and enclosed growing facilities who both encounter similar lighting constraints.

“‘By using next generation LED lighting technology, growers of leafy greens, micro-greens and culinary herbs can reduce their energy requirements for production by 30-40 percent and increase yields by up to 25 percent,’ explains QuantoTech founder, Alycia van der Gracht, adding the new technology also decreases production time.”

More on the results of QuantoTech’s project can be found in the Investment Agriculture Foundation’s 2016 annual report, and more information on the Investment Agriculture Foundation can be found here.

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