Custom LED Integration

QuantoTech has helped shift multiple customers from traditional HID or fluorescent lighting styles to state of the art LED lighting solutions. The QuantoTech team has decades of combined experience in LED lighting systems and has visited countless sites and facilities. All of this knowledge has helped the QuantoTech team understand the issues and problems faced by those in the horticultural industry.


High quality LED lights boast a long lifespan with consistent light levels. In an industry overrun with product of varying quality levels it is essential to have a knowledgeable partner able to verify you are getting what you expect.  


By having a single knowledgeable partner such as QuantoTech oversee the integration process, you are able to limit the oversight and overhead that occurs using a variety of vendors.

Let the QuantoTech team of plant and lighting experts visit your production facility. We can recommend and design the best lighting solution for your growing facility and crops.


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